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Photography: Charles Davis Smith, FAIA
Alta Mesa Pump Station
Dallas, TX

CaCo Architecture's design was inspired by the massive pipes that inhabit the below grade pump room, and the movement of the water through the pipes. The circular motif and wave-like movement is seen in numerous elements throughout the facility. The standing seam vaulted roof appears to be a pipe emerging from the building.


Through imaginative detailing, unique circular brick arches frame the ventilation louvers for the mechanical exhaust system engineered by Nathan D Maier Consulting Engineers, and small awnings, inset in the building's brick arches, accent the entry to the facility and continue the vaulted concept on the main elevations of the building. Circular forms and movement are echoed in the wrought iron fence that encloses the site. Dallas Water Utilities’ programmatic needs for a durable and secure facility, as well as the proximity to a residential neighborhood, influenced CaCo Architecture's choice of materials, including brick and cast stone. DWU and CaCo Architecture envisioned a facility design that would not only be visually appealing, but also human-scaled and approachable by the neighborhood. The project looks at-home in its surroundings, but also has a distinct elegance that is atypical of industrial buildings. Alta Mesa Pump Station received the Bronze award for The Brick Industry Association's 2011 Brick in Architecture Awards for its dynamic use of brick coursing, profiles and concealed lintels.

2011 Brick in Architecture Award - Bronze Winner

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