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"A truly successful Project requires the collaboration of the Owner, the Contractor and the Architectural team.  It is only through our combined efforts that the goals and aspirations of the Project can be met."

Mr. Copeland joined CaCo Architecture, LLC in the summer of 1987.  A lifelong resident of Dallas, he grew up in the construction industry, working his way through school holding various commercial trade positions.  As a result of his experience, Mr. Copeland understands the challenges of bringing a design to life in the field.  As Principal-in-Charge Mr. Copeland leads the firms national accounts, oversees the firms advanced IT systems and is responsible for construction documentation/administration quality control. 

Mr. Copeland holds degrees from The University of Texas at Arlington, Bachelor of Science in Architecture and The University of Houston, Bachelors of Architecture.  A licensed Architect and Interior Designer, Mr. Copeland is NCARB certified and holds Architectural licenses in 44 states.

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