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Fort Worth ISD

Wedgewood Middle School, Woodway Elementary School, Greenbriar Elementary School in Fort Worth, TX

The 25,508 SF Addition to Wedgwood Middle School morphs elements of the original 1950's building with modern features cohesively extending the existing structure. Glimpses of red glazed CMU accent the Addition's corridors and tie the new to the entry of the school, which is lined with red glazed brick. Glazed blue block to match the original construction is also used within the student restrooms. Success in matching brick tone and texture results in a seamless juxtaposition between the 1966, 1988 and the addition we completed in 2011. New terrazzo flooring at the school's connections transitions students between the old and the new. Designed to maximize the amount of natural light within the program spaces, aluminum awnings with air foil louvers provide shade from the southern sunlight. Clerestory windows within a standing seam monitor, and an exposed structure allow northern light into the interior classrooms which abut the existing school. 

Designed as a part of FWISD's 2007 Capital Improvement Program, 13 standard classrooms, 3 science classrooms, a computer lab and LINK classroom, along with ancillary spaces and restrooms, were added to Wedgwood Middle School's existing 104,263 SF main building. The bid package also included renovations of the existing facility, site improvements and a parking expansion to accompany the Addition.