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Francisco "Pancho" Medrano Middle School

Dallas, TX

CamargoCopeland Architects served as Managing Architect on this middle school project for the Dallas ISD's Bond Program, located at 9815 Brockbank Drive, Dallas, TX 75220. The site is made up of 2 parcels, a larger 16.018 acre lot separated by a public street (Brockbank) from a 4.297 acre lot.  The new middle school houses 1,200 students in Grades 6 through 8, with half of the facility being one story and the classroom wing three stories.  Other important considerations included acoustics, selecting a lightweight insulating concrete system to improve sound variations throughout the facility.  The school included a library, complete geo-thermal system, elevator for the three-story wing, an automatic fire sprinkler and alarm system for security considerations.  This project is the first school in the DISD system to receive LEED certification of Schools to the Certified level.