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Furniture 4 Kids 

We have created a safari for the young adventurer.  By stretching the larger rocker, two people can take off in the jeep, complete with a bench seat and roll cage. To start exploring, just click on the headlights and discover an array of wildlife.  Grab some binoculars to check out typical safari wildlife in 3D. Keep your eyes open and you may spot a zebra stool grazing the plains.  Or take a ride on the elephant chair.  His jumbo ears are ready to share all your adventures.  Hop into the Jeep and exclaim how rockin’ our safari is!!

The challenge is to create a garment in 8 days. Not just any garment, but a garment that celebrates the connection between interior design and fashion! Our theme this year is fairytale.

Each Design Team will be randomly paired with one softgood and one hardgood manufacturer. They will work with the products the Garment Underwriters have ordered, and the final garment must noticeably contain each of the materials.

All garments will be constructed in 8 days from April 19 - April 27 and showcased at the CRE8 Fashion Show on Friday, April 27, 2012.


We Care is a nonprofit business partnership that unites the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Herman Miller. The day of seasonal merriment includes a variety of craft stations where children make holiday gifts for their family and friends. Representatives from Dallas's interior design firms come up with unique craft ideas, and are on hand to help, teach and share in meaningful festivities.