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Photography: Brent Combs Design
Southwest Airlines General Use Building 1
Dallas, TX

The General Use Building at Love Field in Dallas for Southwest Airlines launches Dallas' $500 Million Love Field Modernization Program.  The building was constructed according to strict LEED® sustainable design guidelines and certified by USGBC as LEED for New Construction SILVER.

The facility is divided roughly into thirds and contains a Cargo Area for public bulk air freight shipping, a Provisioning Area for the on-board food and beverage service, and a Ground Support Equipment Area to serve all non-flying equipment for the airline. 

The Cargo Area handles freight from Logistics and Air Freight companies.  Shipments range from medical supplies, fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers, to fresh fish and even live salt water fish.  A walk-in cooler provides storage prior to air shipment, or until pickup for temperature sensitive freight.  The Provisioning Area includes space for the storage and handling of drinks (both soft and alcohol), lemons and limes, and pre-packaged peanuts.  A 1,055 SF freezer contains two industrial-sized ice making machines.  All of Southwest Airlines ground equipment, including tugs, baggage carts, and trucks, are serviced at the Ground Support Equipment Area.  A 5,000 SF mezzanine holds parts racks to support the equipment servicing.  The space also contains a pre-fabricated paint booth, machine and welding shop, and 5-ton overhead bridge crane.  An exterior covered truck wash is adjacent to the Ground Support Equipment Area. 

AGC-Texas Building Branch 2009-10 Outstanding Construction Award

TEXO, The Construction Association 2010 Distinguished Building Award

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