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Photography: Craig D Blackmon, FAIA
Victory Development / American Airlines Center - Marketing Center
Dallas, TX

This project was the marketing hub for the full redevelopment and urban revitalization of the former TU Electric power plant site on the NW side of downtown.  In converting the utility plant, half of this space served as a Visitor Center while the other half served as a Marketing Center.  The Visitor Center was used for introduction, promotion, and marketing of the sixty-five acre Victory Development.  The interior was reconfigured to house a charrette room, conference room, kitchen, offices, storage, restrooms, and a large conferencing/display area/retail shop.  Much of the infrastructure and structure’s exterior were integrated into the design of the new spaces.  The riveted trusses, concrete cladding, industrial 10 ton crane, and the striking views of downtown, are some of the many elements used to enhance the backdrop of Victory Center.  This space was also used for Public Service meetings and in facilitating awareness of Victory Development current events and other special events.  The other half of the Marketing Center was the sales area for promotion of Mavericks/Stars season tickets and Suite sales for the American Airlines Center.  The space included gallery spaces to display memorabilia, building models and a full-size mock-up of the arena suites.

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